Thanasi Papapostolou has over 20 years of experience teaching drawing and sculpture. He teaches classes regularly at the Art League, Alexandria VA.


He is also available for individual and group private lessons. Please contact the studio to find out more.




Workshops provide an opportunity for intensive study. Hone a specific skill, learn a new technique, or join me on an overseas trip.


The following workshops have been taught recently. Please contact me for current availability and topics.


sculpting hands & feet

The complexity of hands and feet has always been difficult for artists to reproduce or recreate. It is no surprise then that artists tend to leave these parts of the human body to the final stages of their work or even avoid them all together.

This workshop at Art League, VA offers a systematic approach to, and formal understanding of, these challenging body parts. It will enable students to see hands and feet not as areas of anxiety, but rather as opportunities for expression and beauty.

Plaster cast relief sculpture

Relief sculpture can be seen as an intermediary art form that bridges the skills and talents of the painter and the sculptor. In this two-part workshop you will learn the skills of relief sculpture from beginning to end of a piece, sculpting in clay and casting in plaster. Part 1 of this workshop at Art League, VA focuses on the techniques of sculpting a portrait relief from a live model. In Part 2 you will make a plaster mold and cast your finished piece. Casting a relief sculpture is a simple and effective way for beginners to practice this invaluable sculptural technique before moving onto more complex pieces.

the splendor of greece

Be inspired by the history, art, and culture of Greece. Join me for a painting and sketching workshop on an idyllic island and follow in the footsteps of many artists whose creativity has been shaped by the Muses. Students will be able to draw and/or paint atmospheric ancient sites and beautiful medieval Byzantine churches, picturesque towns and awe-inspiring landscapes, and learn about Greek contemporary art. Experience wonderful Greek hospitality, and personalized instruction, in the land of Pheidias, Praxiteles, and El Greco.